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Hello everyone, and welcome to our new website. Apologies for the break in service, but an error on my part caused the accidental deletion of the previous site. The intention is to keep everyone up to date here first and then share to Facebook later.


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  • Hi Paul
    I remember you coming to Surbiton – Surrey back in 2009 or 2010 -the local Jam night – you billed as the special guest
    I was videoing to help promote the jam nights -but was bowled over by your playing and blues etc/ have never forgotten it
    Bought your CD – Remarkedly- since then especially – each time I hear your music on youtube – you are mastering that sound always -differently like a true segovia or john williams would – listening to each touch of a note and phrasing. Ive been moved by Jeff Becls phrasing and sounds – and yet your music of even beautiful melodies ( summertime etc) takes my breath – inspiring my own guitar playing.
    (I have a strat with Amalfatino pickups – but use Roland Blues Stage.)

    Love your beautiful slide too. Its the space and phrasing and technique unique to you – that take years and years of devotion to the instrument alone.

    Thank you Paul for sharing your heart music to us and everyone.
    Your music reminds me of the words of Adi Da a remarkable spiritual Master I have known who once said : –

    ” True art, True music and so forth, is where the muscian or artist is not in the way any more. At some point it transfomts the audience -makes the hair stand on end (if one has any – ha) It is a spontaneous transmission – a communication to what is beyond words or thoughts. Always present moment – and the audience must always be prepared to participate with each moment. The audience and artist are already transformed – sublimed and intoxicated by the sheer music or performance itself – it transforms us to what is Unknowable -which is Bliss itself ”

    Wish you good health and wishes in all you do
    Brian ( Surrey UK)

  • Paul had just sent a long post re you visitng Surbiton in 2009 etc
    Fogot to put my name and email