Guitar Tutorial DVD now online

I’m very excited to announce that my “Blues and Rock Guitar Tutorial” is now available to buy on the Udemy instructors site. It is available now and for the next 24 hours at a remarkably reduced price, after which a coupon will be available from me that will also bring a substantial saving. Here is a description of what the general objective is with the tutorial. Any questions..? Drop me a line. And please note, I have many courses planned, and not just for guitar. But recording, production and music theory etc. Tuck in and have fun.

For guitarists who feel that they have managed to get so far but now find themselves in a rut. We will start consolidating the dorian and blues pentatonics, then we’ll move through the varations found when we branch out into major/minor and dimished. Also included are sections on slide guitar, and creating ambient guitar soundscapes. Also, we look at how to alter certain chords in a standard 12 bar progression, enabling greater potential for melodic soloing, and richer compostion.