White Mountain Road


I’m very pleased to announce that White Mountain Road is to be released on 180g vinyl, in a full colour gate fold sleeve. In fact it is with the pressing plant right now, and we are currently taking pre orders (see links below).

The long awaited production of this record has been delayed and postponed over the years due to a multitude of unforeseen obstacles and hitches. But now, finally, it’s on it’s way to the physical world.

With the loss of our dear friend and master drummer Mr Ted McKenna in January this year, the recent preparations for this project have of course been marred with some sadness. But we also have very happy memories of the times we all spent rehearsing and recording the material. Suffice to say we have done our best with the packaging and presentation of this album, to make it as good as we possibly can. As it is extremely important to us that we do it right.

The album features Kenny Hutchison on bass, with guest appearances from Randy Brecker on trumpet and Bill Evans on tenor and soprano sax.

To pre order your signed copy, just click the buy now pay-pal button below and we’ll ship you’re album as soon as it arrives from the pressing plant.

The vinyl album will also include an mp3 download code for access to high quality digital files online. With 2 extra tracks that had to be omitted due to time restrictions when pressing vinyl.

For the UK, £30 including P&P

For the US, $40 including P&P

For the EU, €40 including P&P