White Mountain Road

The Paul Rose Band

March 6, 2017
The Paul Rose Band
PR Music
Producer: Paul Rose
Number of discs: 1

White Mountain Road started out as a recording session in Lisburn in Northern Ireland with Ted McKenna on drums & Kenny Hitchinson on bass. It was intended as a bit of an experiment, a way for us to explore ideas but it became obvious very quickly that there was just something clicking. After the session we were lucky enough to have Randy Brecker (Brecker Brothers) add trumpet & Bill Evans some tenor & soprano sax along with John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick adding some hammond.

The albums name comes from a road near where we were recording that just had something magical about it.

Track Listing:
1: Make a Living
2: Suicide
3: Hold On
4: Change of Heart
5: Dark Side
6: Through the Skylight
7: Change
8: Try
9: Take a Mile
10: White Mountain Road