Half Alive


As the title suggests, this album features a mix of live and studio recordings.

1: All Along the Watchtower
2: Rise & Shine
3: Rollin’ & Tumblin’
4: Touch Wood
5: Change
6: Redhouse
7: Cajun
8: Hey Joe
9: Con Trick

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Half Alive is Paul’s first CD with his own band and features ex Rory Gallagher & Alvin Lee Drummer Richard Newman and Paul Bangash on Bass, formerly with Pink Floyd/Dave Gilmour vocalist Sam Brown.

Rory Gallagher called Paul Rose a “Hot Player with a hot future”. Alvin Lee said simply Paul Rose is “Too Good”. Guitarist magazine in London named Paul “Guitarist of the Year 1995” and Scorpions legend Uli Jon Roth said of Pauls previous CD “Magic City” that this was an album full of “Excellent guitar playing”!!

The band have been knocking audiences out all around the UK and Europe with truly jaw dropping shows full of power, emotion and virtuosity. It may sound ridiculous to say in this day and age, but audiences simply cannot believe what they see and hear when experiencing THE PAUL ROSE BAND perform live.

Things are moving very quickly for Paul and the guys and there appears to be no stopping the momentum building behind this quite remarkable UK trio.

“Over night success takes 20 years. It’s the 19 and a half years leading up to this that makes an artist this special” one London journalist recently wrote.

The CD is a half live, half studio album. Recorded at Kich studios in Chorlsey, near Oxford, with the live tracks from the 2003 show at the East Grange Loft in the Scottish Highlands. It has very few overdubs and is as honest a representation of the band as you’ll get.