The Best Of


The Best Of features tracks from throughout Paul’s career.

1: Past Myself
2: Hurting
3: All Along the Watchtower
4: Modern World
5: No Spark, No Fire
6: The Learning Curve
7: Lies
8: Car Show
9: School
10: Walker Road
11: Too Much Is Not Enough
12: The Journey
13: Games
14: Hold On
15: Fairground Dream
16: Home

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Paul has been known as a gifted rock and blues guitarist since his early teens. Being spotted by Rory Gallagher who awarded Paul a Fender strat, then winning Guitarist magazines revered “Guitarist of the Year” competition is a testament to Paul’s amazing guitar playing talent. But what has truly set him apart over the years, is his development as a composer/producer. Having prolifically produced 11 albums to date. From the early 1980s Paul Rose was experimenting with different ways of recording his musical ideas. Beginning with an old reel to reel tape machine, to countless portastudios, drum machines, effects units and computers. Learning all the time, Paul was instantly fascinated by this process, working obsessively day after day and often all night. Unaware that he was effectively producing a considerable body of work that would in time, be listened to and loved by fans all around the world.

Paul has cultivated a composition and production style that is instantly recognizable as his own. So it is with great pride and a true honour
that we offer this compilation of some of the high points of Paul’s studio work to date.‎

‘The Best Of Paul Rose’ is a 16 track album, featuring some of Paul’s finest studio recordings to date. All of which have been digitally remastered especially for this project. With beautifully soulful song writing, haunting instrumentals and of course guitar playing par excellence. This album is an opportunity to sample a broad cross section of work from one the most uniquely gifted independent artists in the world today.