The Learning Curve


A different album for Paul as he leave his electric guitar in its case with this acoustic album.

1: The Learning Curve
2: Autumn Leaves
3: Call Me the Breeze
4: Test Of Time
5: More or Less
6: State of the Nation
7: Easy Blues
8: Lies
9: Close
10: Same Old Reality

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The music on this The Learning Curve came about after probably the busiest period of Paul’s career in terms of live gigs with his band. As a result he needed something of a change.

Inspiration for the electric guitar can be hard to find away from the stage, with the nerves and adrenalin an audience can bring. So, here is an album of music composed almost entirely for acoustic guitar. Paul found this change of pace extremely refreshing and it has enhanced his love of the instrument even more, hence the reason behind the albums title.

During the recording and mixing process, very little has been added in the way of effects or eq, relying more on the quality of instrument and mic positioning etc. Other than reverb and compression, Paul tried to maintain as true a representation of the guitars natural tone as possible.

All guitar solos were either first or second takes.